Saturday, November 11, 2006

Bones "'Woman in the Sand" aired Wed. Nov. 8

I know this episode aired three days ago, but I rewatched it on Fox On Demand ( and I wanted my first TV post to be about Bones.

A summary of the episode: When the skeletal remains of a federal prosecutor who dissapeared five years earlier are found in the desert outside Las Vegas, the team suspects it to be tied to the mob. They then find the body of a woman a few yards away, who they suspect was killed by the same person.
The woman's injuries leads Brennan to believe she had a long history of domestic violence. When the husband denies having hurt his wife, they are led to a Vegas loan shark, where an anonymous lead takes them to the world of gambling and underground ultimate fighting, where Booth and Brennan go undercover as Vegas high-rollers. In an attempt to uncover the mystery, Booth risks his life.

Several highlights of the episode:
Booth's reaction to Brennan's dress choice and then to the dress he picked;
Booth slapping Bones on the butt as they stroll out to the fighting rings as Roxie and Tony for the first time;
Brennan's performance as Roxie;
Jack purposely goading Zack to get him to (successfully) throw a punch at him;
Brennan's outburst at the blackjack table (completely unaware that card counting is cheating);

Great quotes:
"Brennan : (Referring to her shoes) How does anyone actually walk in these things?
Booth: Oh you know them boots they ain’t made for walking sweetheart (Slaps Brennan’s ass)
Brennan: Okay that was completely over the top."

"(Brennan is on the phone with Angela)
Booth: That’s hot!
Angela: Hot? Wait a minute what’s hot?
Brennan: (Stuttering) Uh Nu-nothing Vegas, Vegas is hot. It’s a, very hot here."

"Brennan : (Comes out in very conservative dress) What do you think?
Booth: (Sarcastically) I have enough bibles thank you. Try next door."

"Zack: It's as if his vertebra was cut with a razor blade.
Hodgins: Or a razor wire. Luca Brasi.
(Cam, Angela and Zack all look confused)
Hodgins: The Godfather? Please, someone, buy a DVD player!"

This episode includes a first for the series: Booth and Brennan go undercover as a couple. Dr. Brennan, normally completely in the dark with regards to pop culture, pulls off her role as Roxie with remarkable aplomb, stunning Booth, and probably many of us viewers. I really expected her to be awkward and maybe even start spewing "scientific mumbo jumbo" like she usually does. It was great to see Brennan and Booth in a role other than anthropologist and FBI agent.

As I watched this episode, I was struck with an extremely eerie sense of deja vu, especially during the card counting scene. This was because I had just read a fanfiction called "What Happens in Vegas" by goldpiece at . In this story, Booth and Brennan were in Vegas for a case and they had a few days to relax before they have to return. There's a chapter in this story where Brennan discovers blackjack and card counting and brings it up with Booth. She didn't blab it out at the table in the story, but the scene was so close to what happened on the episode that goldpiece might as well have predicted what was going to happen. I highly reccommend reading this story.

But, perhaps the moment I'm the most hung up on, isn't in this episode. It's in the episode aired before this one, "The Girl With the Curl". You know what I'm talking about, fans. Yep, Hodgins and Angela date at the swings and their kiss. Such a great scene. I sincerely hope Angela rethinks her "just friends" approach and takes another chance. Who else loves "Hodgela"? BTW, "Hodgela" is borrowed from fanfiction writes on

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