Thursday, November 23, 2006

No Bones this week :( , CSI New York

So, there wasn't episode of Bones on this Thanksgiving week, a movie showed instead. But, there was a new episode of CSI New York. Basically, a noted daredevil took a base jump off a building as advertising for a company (the logo was on his parachute). His parachute deployed just fine, but then lots of dead pigeons smashed into his parachute and caused him to crash. The pigeons turned out to be racing pigeons, and they were traced back to their owner by the plastic rings around their feet. The owner's chicken coop was damaged as was the owner himself- slashed carotid artery (neck) and arm. Turns out, the father of the boy who helped the owner out with his pigeons was enraged because his son used all of his time working with the pigeons instead of working at his pool table building shop. The father had a history of abuse and was still beating his son. Unable to control his anger issues, he dumped bug poison in the pigeon feed (which was what caused them to plummet from the sky into the base jumper's parachute) and proceeded to try and take apart the coop with one of his saws. When the owner interrupted his, the father attacked him with the saw. Mac and Danny worked this case.

The other case involved a rich girl's (name of Autumn) sweet sixteen party. The girl's father's body was discovered inside the Mercedes he'd bought for Autumn when it was unveiled for her. When Lindsay and Sheldon open the car doors (Lindsay was on the driver's side) a black cobra jumped out and bit her on the hand. Sheldon immediately leapt to her rescue while alerting Stella who held her gun on the snake until the snake charmer hired for the party rescued it. Lindsay was taken to the hospital and didn't return until the end of the episode. Turns out, Autumn's brother put the snake in the car to scare his sister as a joke. While their father was bitten by the snake, it wasn't until after he was dead. The father was actually strangled by their mother with her hair extension because she was angry that he always gave Autumn everything she wanted. She didn't realize that it was because Autumn had caught him and one of her classmates together- he was bribing her not to tell-the ridiculously expensive car, which was the last straw for their mother) was one of the bribes.

Overall, another interesting episode with not at all ordinary cases for New York's Finest to solve. I was curious about Linsday's snakebite, but it was remarkably played down, except for right when she got bitten. After, she just disappeared for the rest of the episode until the end where she resurfaced for one scene with a bandaged hand. Oh well, can't have it all.

Stay tuned for my thoughts about CSI and ER, airing tonight on Thanksgiving, 9:00pm CBS and 10:00pm NBC respectively.

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