Wednesday, November 15, 2006

CSI Miami, House, Law & Order SVU; And... YouTube is DOWN!

All right everybody. first and foremost, here's an announcement: is on scheduled downtime. There was a note posted on YouTube for a while saying there was scheduled downtime at 8pm Pacific. It's 1:00am here in the Eastern time zone and YouTube is officially down for the count. No word on how long it will be down aka when it will be back. Any and all videos linked from YouTube will not work while the site is down.

CSI Miami was on yesterday. The episode was called "Darkroom". Basically, it was about a photographer who kidnapped many of the women he photographed- he kept their pictures in a safe as trophies. While processing these photo, Natalia realizes that one of the photos is of her little sister, Anya. By testing her own DNA, Natalia additionally realizes that Anya was the woman in the car at the beginning of the episode (Anya paid the toll with a bill she smeared with her own blood and wrote a message on). Horatio promises to find her sister and, as always, follows through. It was good to see more of Natalia's personal life beyond her abusive ex. She's not a bad character at all- I've warmed up to her considerably since last season. Anya remembered to leave clues/evidence behind for her sister and the other CSIs to find- Natalia taught her well about fending for herself. Or maybe Anya absorbed it from listening to her.

Okay. Tonight. House was on first. Father and son apparently share the same affliction, as becomes apparent when the son begins developing the same symptoms, among them seizures (which were already present but mild) and the inability to see movement (House seemed to "shimmer"<--Charmed fans, you know what I mean). One big catch- the father is in a vegetative state, and has been for ten years. So, House, being typically House decides to wake said comatose father to "get a more accurate family history". Cuddy, being typically Cuddy, manages to get wind of House's intentions (did one of the ducklings tattle?) and storms in right on time. House still manages to jab the needle into the IV, and the father awakes. His first line? "Boy, I'm starving. I could really go for a steak." In an effort to get the father to answer his questions (the father seems to have som unresolved issues with his son who is now unconcious), House takes the father out on a road trip (I think they wound up in Atlantic City). They engage in a game of sorts where if the father answers a question, House has to answer one of his, because, as the father says, the only thing he has power over is the ability to annoy him. Eventually, House is able to figure out what is wrong and the sons ends up needing a heart transplant. House and Wilson, who accompanied them, convince the father to make peace with his son, in a way. They assist the father in committing suicide (the father only had a short while before lapsing back into his prior vegetative state anyway) so that his heart could be donated to his son. *Deep breath* All during the episode, Tritter, the cop with a grudge, interrogates each of the ducklings trying to get some dirt on House and his drug use so he pin some charge on him. Honestly, I think he's abusing his authority/power. All because House stuck a thermometer up his butt *ahem* rectum. Then again, that's enough reason to be pissed- perhaps not that much though. I really wish that Tritter would go away. House did forge prescriptions with Wilson's pad, but Tritter's trying to pin possession with intent to sell, which House never did. That massive amount of pills were all for him. Each and every one.

Law & Order SVU was on after House. The episode was entitled "Underbelly". Basically the SVU unit investigates an underage prostitution ring. Dani Beck is rattled by the investigation. Olivia Benson returns for a short time, originally to see Elliot. She runs into Beck, asks about Elliot, and they have a short conversation without Beck realizing who Olivia is (aka Stabler's partner). Olivia then talk to Cragen who says it'll be another week or so before Beck leaves. Olivia says she's not ready to return yet anyway(perhaps after seeing Dani Beck and Stabler interacting.
After having some drinks, Elliot offers to take Dani Beck home. When they reach Elliot's car, Elliot reaches in and.....KISSES Dani Beck. You read that right, Stabler kisses Dani Beck. And they continue to kiss. Three times. They even try to ignore their pagers. It's nearly a makeout scene. This is a very controversial scene, as many of us as Olivia/Elliot shippers, and some are very adverse to Dani/Elliot, while some aren't as adverse. I actually don't mind it, although I am an Olivia/Elliot shipper. It's nice to see Elliot getting kissy kissy anyway. If you don't like Beck, just imagine he was kissing Olivia- or maybe even you, if you're so inclined. Then, at the end of the episode, after Beck is forced to shoot the perp, aka the child protitutes' pimp, Beck goes to look out over the railing. Elliot approaches her from behind and places a hand on her back, in what seems like slightly more than friendly contact. Dani tells him "I just need to be alone". Next week's episode features Elle Fanning, Dakota Fanning's 8 year old little sister as a young girl who appears to be a "demon child". Spooky. It's supposed to affect Dani Beck profoundly enough to make a major decision about her job. Is she leaving? Suppose I'll find out next week. Can't wait to see Olivia back on the job with Elliot again though.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's (or should I say, tonight's) post on Bones and CSI New York.

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lol....i don't watch much tv but when I do it's house, csi and law and order...and that's it!